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Your yearning to please can’t be ignored any longer. Fantasies won’t cut it anymore. You have to make this real…


So, how can you please me?

Ask Yourself

First, I want you to

ask yourself:


Do you actually wish to enrich my life in a real and tangible way, or does this desire strictly derive from selfish motivations?


If your sole motivation is to someday become officially owned, then you should walk away now. Ownership is by invitation only: you must prove that you are worth my time and attention first. If I see you consistently demonstrating the qualities I seek in a submissive, then you will be approached by me. I will not list these specific traits, because I don’t want anyone to outfit themselves in a costume of what I seek. You either have it, or you don’t.


This should not deter you from the pursuit of pleasing the woman who has you completely enraptured. It shouldn’t impact your desire at all, actually: longing to put a smile on my face shouldn’t have anything to do with you.



Financially contributing is the most practical way to please, especially in an online setting. Is it the only way? No, but it is undoubtedly the most pragmatic one, if you are truly devoted to the cause of selflessly enriching my life.

You don’t have to be a financial submissive to send. In fact, I don’t even identify as a financial dominatrix — at least not exclusively — and I believe it’s more impactful when a submissive sacrifices something valuable purely for the purpose of bringing me joy, instead of chasing the high that comes with ruining oneself financially. The latter fulfills a kink; the former is a display of surrender, and appreciation for my time, care, and labor to make your pleasure possible.


The best place to send tributes is, and attaching a note is highly encouraged. I adore receiving love letters attached to proof of said love.

You can also send to or

I DO NOT accept payments or tributes on any other platforms.



Since you’re here, I think it’s fair to assume that my words made quite the impact on you. Don’t you want to share them with the world, and take part in recruitment to the Cult of Miki? Enlighten the masses.


An impactful way to express your devotion is to spread the word of my work that introduced you to this new world of pleasure.


Many of my devotees have dedicated accounts for this purpose, and I often retweet them on my own Twitter account (, which you can draw inspiration from.

I also love fan art, which you can always attach to your tweets. Include the hashtag below to any of your devotional tweets.

For poor boys


Viewing or sharing my work for free is theft, but hundreds do it daily. There is no such thing as “free porn,” so if you’re a decent person with disposable income, start paying for it.


My creativity and labor will be compensated.

Click on the piracy report button, and follow the instructions on the form. This will streamline the process of submitting DMCA requests on my end.

Combating theft of the content I pour my heart and soul into is a valuable act of servitude.



Do you have any skills that may be beneficial to running my Cult? Think about it, and find a way to get my attention and get in contact (if you really are of use, you will figure it out, since there are clues all over this site).


Do not use any of the contact forms that are not for this purpose.


If I like your idea, we may discuss this further.

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