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Here are the answers to some questions I get asked just about weekly. Read this before you reach out, and you can always use your brain and look for your specific question by searching for keywords using Ctrl-F on Windows, or Cmd-F on Mac. 


Some of these questions and answers may seem redundant, as I’ve covered just about everything one could think of or ask about on this site.



When is your birthday?

This one is at the top, because it’s my favorite. October 10 is my birthday, also known as the holiest day of the year. Plan something special for it, as pleasing me is an especially pressing matter on this day.


Can I be your slave?

If you ask, no. I provide a hearty reason and explanation in Please Me.


Are you accepting new slaves?

Being officially owned isn’t something you can apply for anymore. If I notice you, I’ll contact you. Again, read Please Me.


How do I get noticed?

Through tributes, frequent clip purchases, and the quality of our interactions. You can also get me to notice you on Twitter ( if you have a dedicated fan account. 


Do you have an OnlyFans?

No, but I have a subscription-based fan club on AVN Stars:


Do you do customs?

Yes, on If the link is broken, it means the order form is closed. Read the “Custom Clips” page before placing an order.


Do you sell used panties/socks?

At the moment, no. I’m thinking about it, but if you make a generous offer, I might think about it some more.


Do you sell your man’s condoms?



Do you do real time sessions?

No. But I do play online.


Do you have an Amazon Wishlist?




Always check for updates. If I haven’t tweeted in quite a while, it means I’m taking a break.


If you are messaging me on a platform like while I’m obviously inactive, then don’t bombard me with angry messages as to why I won’t respond to you. I'll just be glad — and count it as a blessing — that I never did message you.


I come first in my world. I come and go as I please, am running this business alone, have various responsibilities, and I only respond to messages that are worth responding to. I read them, but I can't respond to every single one. You wouldn't get clips anymore, then.


What is the best way to contact you?

You can message me on iWantClips or (read the above), but think before you send your message, because a clogged up inbox makes for a very unhappy Miki.


I won’t respond to “hi,” compliments that aren’t attached to tributes, or messages that reek of attention seeking behavior. I will just redirect you to my website if anything you ask is already answered here.


If you want to chat about something specific, book a text session.


How can I please you if I don’t have a lot of money?

Read this part of Please Me.


Of course, even if you’re cash-strapped, I expect you to purchase and support my content, instead of stealing and watching it for free. If you’re not in a position where you can serve through other financial contributions, then think of other ways to enrich my life and/or business.


Are you a talented artist? A software developer? A video editor who can make slick promo videos for Twitter? Be creative, and leverage your skills.

Don't offer to edit my clips, however. Ever. I'm a control freak and only my hands touch my work.

Where can I send you gift cards?

Ask via tribute (at least $20) on Write "May I please send you a gift?" as your tribute message, and include your email address. I’ll then send you an email and list of my favorite stores once I see your tribute and inquiry.

Do you actually enjoy this?

Read “About Me.”

Can you speak Japanese?

And if so, can I order a custom in Japanese?


While I can speak Japanese (I was born in Japan, but spent the majority of my life in the U.S.), my local dialect is very strong (and comically charming, in my biased opinion) and I’m not confident in the quality of my Japanese dirty talk. It’s probably best if you forego this request.

How do I officially join The Cult of Miki?

Click here.

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